At Kogarah IEC we focus on developing students' English language skills across all key learning areas.

Our carefully designed curriculum aims to prepare students for the language demands of mainstream high school.

Students are:

  • taught English through subject areas based on the Australian Curriculum and the IEP Curriculum Framework.
  • taught English required to function in the community
  • helped to settle in their new country
  • introduced to the NSW School system
  • given individual assistance
  • assisted so that transition to mainstream is successful.


What are the learning challenges of our students?

The EAL/D (English as an Additional Language or Dialogue) learner in Australia is simultaneously (a) learning English, (b) learning through English, and (c) learning about English.

(a) Learning English refers to the challenge of learning a new language or dialect, namely Standard Australian English.

(b) Learning through English refers to the challenge of using English for social or academic purposes whilst still learning it.

(c) Learning about English involves understanding of systems of English and how they work together in different situations to produce appropriate spoken and written texts.